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Louis Prado, born Luis Alberto Prado and commonly known as Lou Prado, was born and raised in Queens Borough, New York City. He is a first generation citizen of the United States with ancestors from Nicaragua, Denmark, and Germany.

Education and Work History

Louis A. Prado received a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University where he served as IEEE Student Chairman. He has since designed mixed-signal microcontrollers for Microchip Technologies and has worked world-wide improving integrated-circuit design at over 20 major semiconductor manufactures including Philips, Motorola, Hitachi, Samsung, TSMC, and Toshiba.

In his most recent role, Lou Prado is the founder of BlueMate,, a leading company in the smart home industry. He is also a software consultant coding in Microsoft's .NET MVC Framework, Xcode/iOS, Android Studio, and IAR Embedded Workbench (Texas Instruments cc254x chipset).

From 2009 to 2011 Mr. Prado served as Vice President for a Information Technology company, Endeka. He performed his work at the FBI Academy, FLETC, and various military and law enforcement agencies. He has worked on all layers of the OSI Communication Model, from optimizing the design of Realtek’s/Cisco’s Ethernet PHYceivers (Layer 1) to coding server-side/client-side MIS Applications (Layer 7). He was responsible for Electromagnetic Interference/Compliance and alpha-particle upset detection/correction of a NASA-sponsored low earth orbit satellite.

Louis Prado has received numerous academic and innovation awards, holds 2 U.S. patents, authored technical papers, and presented at conferences world-wide.

From 1999 to 2004, he was a employee-shareholder of Neolinear. Neolinear was a Carnegie Mellon University start-up that use genetic-based proprietary algorithms to automate design of challenging integrated circuits. In 2004 Neolinear was purchased by Cadence Design Systems. He then sold a commercial printing business in 2009 which he owned and operated for several years.


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