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Louis Prado, born Luis Alberto Prado and commonly known as Lou Prado, was born and raised in Queens Borough, New York City. He is a first generation citizen of the United States with ancestors from Nicaragua, Denmark, and Germany. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Education and Work History

Louis A. Prado received a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University where he served as IEEE Student Chairman. After graduating, he worked for Mircochip Technologies' R&D department where he developed analog and digital integrated circuits and numerous PIC microcontrollers.

After being promoted to Principal Design Engineer, Mr. Prado left Microchip to join Neolinear Inc. Neolinear was a Carnegie Mellon University start-up that used genetic-based and proprietary algorithms to automate design of challenging integrated circuits. This opportunity allowed him to improve mixed-signal integrated circuit designs at over 20 major semiconductor companies including Philips, Motorola, Hitachi, Samsung, TSMC, and Toshiba.

When Neolinear was acquired by Cadence Design Systems, Lou decided to become a small business owner and real estate investor. After several years of working on his own opportunities, he sold his successful commercial printing and creative design business and returned to engineering.

During his graduate studies, Mr.Prado was responsible for Electromagnetic Interference/Compliance and alpha-particle upset detection/error-correction of a NASA-sponsored low earth orbit satellite. His employment at Neolinear also allowed him to work on numerous communication circuits and his eventual entrepreneurial roles required significant IT skills. This strong background in communications made him well suited to work for Endeka, an Information Technology start-up. He would eventually serve as Endeka's Vice President. Lou performed his work at the FBI Academy, FLETC, and various military and law enforcement agencies. He left Endeka shortly before it was acquired by Boingo.

In his most recent role, Lou Prado is the Founder and Chief Engineer of BlueMate Labs, a company developing smarthome security systems. He spends his time developing Bluetooth Low Energy firmware (IAR Workbench), designing hardware, 3D modeling, and writing Android and iOS Apps. Because he enjoys working with great teams, he also works as a software developer at a leading SAAS company. He codes in C#, T-SQL, and uses various HTML5 APIs in Microsoft's .NET MVC Framework.

In his spare time, Lou Prado participates at Counter Culture Labs, mentors at hack-a-thons, and is a former mentor for in downtown Oakland,CA. BUILD’s mission is to use entrepreneurship to excite and propel disengaged, low-income students through high school to college success.

Awards and Honors*

Louis Prado has received numerous academic and innovation awards, holds 2 U.S. patents, published technical papers, and presented at conferences world-wide.


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