Installing the Adobe AIR 2.5 SDK Plug-In for Dreamweaver

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On a Mac, Dreamweaver looks in the following directory for the SDK Users/admin/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Dreamweaver CS5/en_US/Configuration/Shared/AdobeAIR/SDK/ Download the latest Adobe AIR SDK from Adobe which is version 2.5 at the time of this writing: Next uncompress the SDK zip file into the AdobeAIR directory above. Rename the old SDK directory to SDK2.0.2 (or whatever), and rename the new uncompressed directory to SDK. You can verify your installation by renaming the adl and adt files in the new SDK directory to adl.hide and adt.hide, or to some other random name. If Dreamweaver fails to start AIR, then Dreamweaver is pointing to your newly installed directory. At this point I am using Dreamweaver as just a text editor. Adobe could have done a better job creating an IDE for AIR. I often hit the wrong menu option when trying to select Preview in Adobe AIR and Dreamweaver did not setup a keyboard shortcut. Finnaly Dreamweaver clutters my desktop. I may just go back to using vi or TextMate and launching adl from the UNIX command line.

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