How to update an SSL certificate on an CentOS Apache Server

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These instructions are a personal reminder and unlikely to be useful to anyone. Apache version is /usr/sbin/httpd -v Certs are in /var/www/certs Apache conf.d file is in /etc/httpd/conf You will have 3 pieces of data from your SSL cert provider 1) a certificate which maps to SSLCertificateFile 2) an intermediate certificate which maps to SSLCertificateChainFile 3) a private key which maps to SSLCertificateKeyFile Replace the old certs and restart the server sudo /sbin/service httpd restart Note from SSL guru you did not need to generate files using openssl or other method. You should not need any commands other than vi and service httpd restart Use a web browser and click the lock icon in the address bar to confirm your cert expiration date was updated.

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