cc2540 consumes too much power

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After upgrading to the TI BLE 1.4.1 SDK my cc2540 current consumption is around 7mA to 8mA. It was previously in the microamp range (average). Since it is the same application code, and the new version of SimpleBLEPeripheral did not have this problem, I concluded that the IDE/compliler was not defining POWER_SAVINGS properly. The cc2540 was not going to sleep in between advertisements. While I used TI's project migration guidelines, that did not work well. I tried hand editting the XML workbench files with no success. To solve this, I used the new version of SimpleBLEPeripheral as a starting point, copied my App code into the Source folder, deleted the references to the SimpleBLEPeripheral source files and added references to my App source code. Then in order to rename the Workbench/Project, follow these steps:

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