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To perform a hard reset, hold the hard reset button for 10 seconds. The button is hidden behind the swing arm and requires a paper clip. The default ip address is now: The default un is: super The default passwd is: sp-admin To upgrade firmware using the Zone Director: 1. make sure to first delete the radio (Config/Access Points Panel). 2. make sure Approval (as in automatically approve) is checked on the Config/Access Points Panel. 3. Connect the radio 10/100 port to the front port of the Zone Director. This is a non-POE port so be sure to power the 2942 using a 12V 1A DC tip-positive power adapter. 4. On the Monitor panel you should see the radio upgrade. If bringing the radio to the ZD for firmward upgrade presents a challenge, you may be able to do it remotely. Just ssh to the 2942. The default un is super and the default passwd is sp-admin. Then type: set director ip Substitute the 192...number with the ip addr of your ZD. Other 2942 CLI commands are reboot and ping.

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